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Daniela Borgialli

Daniela Borgialli

Joined Ballet Arizona: 2013

Dancing has always been a part of Daniela Borgialli’s life and the Argentine blood in her veins led her to Argentine Tango 15 years ago. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Dance and Choreography from Arizona State University where she currently is a Faculty Associate teaching Argentine Tango to more than 100 students yearly. She guides weekly workshops, classes, and practicas in the Phoenix area. She has been fortunate to study with many great teachers the most influential being Graciela Gonzalez. Her teaching is heavily influenced by her studies in dance and her certification in RES-CPT (Restorative Exercise TM).

Ms. Borgialli runs a Cultural Immersion Tango Tour to Buenos Aires and Mendoza annually. She is often invited to teach at tango festivals throughout the United States. In 2011 she began a journey into the world of Tango Salon competition and received 2nd place in the US Argentine Tango Salon Championships in San Francisco in 2012 and 3rd place in New York City in 2013. She participated in the Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires in 2012.

Ms. Borgialli emphasizes the connection and a basic understanding of walking. She also believes that as a student begins to feel comfortable within the framework of the dance they discover their own style. She creates dancers not students!