School Year Classes

School Year Classes

All classes offer a unique syllabus, created by School Director Carlos Valcárcel, designed to bring consistency and based on traditional classical ballet. The syllabus is taught in all divisions of the school and is followed by every faculty member.

All classes offer live piano accompaniment in order to foster an understanding of the relationship between movement and music.

Children’s Division

The Children’s Division offers an introduction to the art of ballet by promoting the exploration of creativity and expression through movement. Our new syllabus is created to introduce children into ballet technique work. Once students complete this Division, they will have knowledge of basic barre and center work.

No previous ballet training is necessary; however our Children’s Division requires an evaluation prior to enrollment in the School.
Students are encouraged to participate in the Student Showcase performances, open to all Children’s, Lower and Upper Division students.

Lower Division

The Lower Division is divided into four levels and the syllabus is created to begin formal training in traditional classical ballet. The syllabus progresses at a rate that allows the student to learn the exercises correctly and with full physicality.

All Lower Division students (ages 8 ½ and up) are eligible to audition for Ballet Arizona’s The Nutcracker. Students are encouraged to participate in the Student Showcase performances, open to all Children’s, Lower and Upper Division students.

Children’s and Lower Division Video

Upper Division

The Upper Division is divided into two levels and students meet 4-6 times a week. Students are introduced to a wider variety of classes, including Pointe, Variations, Pas de Deux, Modern, Flamenco, Men’s class and Conditioning.

All Upper Division students are eligible to audition for Ballet Arizona’s The Nutcracker and possibly other Ballet Arizona productions. Students are encouraged to participate in the Student Showcase performances, open to all Children’s, Lower, and Upper Division students.

Upper Division Video

Professional Program

At this level, students must possess the determination to commit to a serious ballet program and have the required technical ability and physical strength. The Professional Program (PP) is designed to provide training that meets the highest artistic standards and to prepare students for a career in dance, should they chose to pursue this path. Students in this program have the opportunity to perform alongside Ballet Arizona’s professional dancers as part of their training. Acceptance in this program is by invitation only. Students who are interested in joining this program are strongly encouraged to participate in our Summer Intensive prior to the school year.

In addition to having opportunities to perform in Ballet Arizona productions, PP students will perform in the Student Showcases as well as have other performance opportunities.


Pre Professional 1
Left to right – Front row:  Sarah Driml, Isabella Bargas, Keri Ohlinger, Kaileah Long, Lariscy Walker, Valerie Lindquist, Johanna Stewart, Rose Ritch
Middle row: Lillian DiPaola, Kaitlyn Peterson, Jelena Mitrovic, Kinsey Love, Emilia Linos, Nicole Richards, Bridget Horrocks, Annika Erickson
Back row: Stefan Bargas, Henry Vander Hill, Joel Velazquez

Pre Professional 2
Left to right – Front row:  Lilyana Reed, Mia Acker, Frances LaBianca, Taina Fuentes, Sydney Guest-Nelson, Talia Goodman, Staphany Olalde, Alli Chester, Karina Sbiera
Middle row: Louisa Gilbert, Camille Sevrain, Sarah Simpson, Samra Hernandez, Annika Bridge, Ida Jackson, Christine Arendt, Kimberly Tarango
Back row: Tré Berdeski, Brandon Broeker


Studio Company

Ballet Arizona’s Studio Company is an opportunity for students of the highest rank with the potential and desire to become professional dancers.  Studio Company members are selected by audition only and through The School of Ballet Arizona’s Summer Intensive Program.  Studio Company members gain professional exposure and train with The School of Ballet Arizona’s School Director as well as Ballet Arizona Artistic Director and staff.  An indispensable and important part of their training is understudying and appearing regularly on stage with Ballet Arizona and in Studio Company productions.

Left to right – Front row: Juliette Ochoa, Frances Chae, Ava Cobb, Ana Maria Spear, Karissa Torchia
Back row: Ethan Price, Haley Boyles, Katherine Loxtercamp, Angelica Tilton, Zane Winders
Not Shown: Ainsley Sorenson and Alyssa Fazekas