2019 School Campaign

Have a Heart for Art

2019 School Campaign


THANK YOU to everyone who participated in 2019 Have A Heart for Art Campaign! The Campaign would not have been successful without YOU!

Did you know that tuition only covers 75% of the cost it takes for a student to train at SBAZ? We know how much you value the level of instruction and engagement each and every student receives at our world-class facility.

“I love the classical training. Even how strict and formal it is, including the respect that is taught in all classes. I love that it’s not a competition school. The focus is on training and great technique. It’s not about just learning one piece and being amazing at that one piece. It’s about breaking it down to the finer details and being able to perfect the moves. It gives the students so much drive.”

– Heather Lee, SBAZ Parent


Back this year! Each student will receive a “Friends and Family” pledge form that will allow them to receive donations from their friends and family that will cumulatively add toward the many impactful incentives we have this year. Click here to download your pledge form.

Donations can be credited toward your student by sending in a check, online by clicking here, or by contacting Natalie Salvione at 602-343-6522. *All pledge forms are due by 4/6/18.