Class Warm Up

Class Warm Up – Arts Integration Visits

In order to meet demands of the Arizona Department of Education’s K-12 Academic Standards, Ballet Arizona and Grand Canyon University’s Dance Education Program have partnered to bring a 45 minute arts integration lesson, free of cost, to your school.  Through a fun and engaging movement-based lesson, teacher candidates from GCU and Ballet Arizona staff will help prepare your students for their upcoming Student Matinee Field Trip.


If you are interested in utilizing more arts learning strategies in your classrooms to improve your students’ academic performance, Click here to schedule a Class Warm Up visit today!  We are available for 2 consecutive lessons per school site per day, depending on staff scheduling.*

The following is an outline of the in-class presentation, designed for groups of up to 50 students:


    • Basic facts about Classical Ballet: Story, Music, History, Terminology, Careers, Dance Elements (See Study Guide provided for more information.)
    • Show and Tell with pointe shoes and/or other costume elements.

    • Whole Group Instruction: Exploring concepts through warm-up and modeling by GCU Teacher Candidates.
    • Cooperative Learning Activity:  Delving deeper in smaller groups.
    • Creative closure activity to bring the lesson home and spur further thoughts on how this experience connects to the curriculum in language arts, math, or science.


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*Please note – due to limited space, requested dates may not be guaranteed.