Tour the Ballet

There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at a ballet company – from costume-making to set design to fundraising and ticket selling, there are lots of different jobs that help dancers get on the stage to perform! On this live, virtual tour, teachers and students can learn all about the inner workings of a performing arts organization and explore art gets to the stage.

Each 45 min. virtual tour features:

  1. Q&A in the Administration Wing (Development, Community Engagement, Executive, Marketing, Box Office)
  2. Q&A in the Costume Shop
  3. Q&A in the Production & Scene Shop
  4. Guided Movement Exploration in one of the ballet studio spaces

Cost per classroom:  $100

Cost per school:  $500

Tours will be conducted through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom or other appropriate online platforms as designated by the requesting group.

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