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Robin Dodder

Robin Dodder

Joined Ballet Arizona: 2016

Robin became a certified American Tribal Style® Sister Studio of FatChanceBellyDance® in 2015. She began her dance journey in 2007 with tribal fusion classes. In late 2008 she began ATS® classes with Heather and Lenay, founding directors of Kamalah Tribal. By fall of 2009, Robin was invited to join the troupe.

Robin was invited in 2014 to assist with teaching duties and take on subbing classes for Lenay and Jorden with regularity. She is dedicated to maintaining precision and expression in her dance and was encouraged by her mentors to complete General Skills and Teacher Training to become a certified Sister Studio of FCBD®. Having been brought up by a “team teaching” duo, Robin firmly believes that two teachers is best and is excited to partner with Erin to continue spreading ATS® to the Phoenix community.

Her favorite aspects of American Tribal Style® belly dance are the camaraderie, sisterhood, and teamwork required to excel in this dance form. Currently, Robin teaches ATS® at the School of Ballet Arizona in Phoenix, AZ. Instruction focuses on precision of movement, posture, improvisation skills, and faithfulness to the conventions of American Tribal Style®.