Today’s Masters 2017


Today’s Masters 2017

March 23 – 26, 2017
At Orpheum Theatre

This evening of groundbreaking choreography broadens the perspectives and pushes the boundaries of classical ballet, including world premiere works from Artistic Director Ib Andersen and Ballet Arizona dancer Nayon Iovino.

Ib Andersen’s choreography and direction have received high praise from The New York Times senior dance critic Alastair Macaulay. In 2016, Andersen’s presentation of Round inspired Macaulay to deem Ballet Arizona “one of the most enterprising companies anywhere.”

“When Ballet Arizona performs the work of contemporary choreographers, we broaden the perspective of both the dancers and the audience.”

– Ib Andersen, Artistic Director

In his third work on the Orpheum stage, Iovino creates a performance inspired by the Igor Stravinsky work Jeu de Cartes (Game of Cards). The work showcases Iovino’s creativity through the lens of orchestral music, an evolution from the contemporary musical genre that inspired Iovino’s early works. The work delves into the mind of a person suffering from dissociative identity disorder, with each personality expressing itself at each change of the music.

The grand and classical Paquita, staged after Marius Petipa’s original 1881 choreography, is a compilation of divertissements from the full-length ballet. Petipa is considered the “father of classical ballet” and his masterpieces such as Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty and Don Quixote are still mainstays of ballet.


Choreography: Ib Andersen, Marius Petipa and Nayon Iovino
Music: Ludwig Minkus, Igor Stravinsky

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