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But what does it truly mean to be a student at The School of Ballet Arizona? It goes so far beyond learning to dance. It’s about etiquette. It demands respect. It involves communication and storytelling. It’s magic. And it all takes place in the studio. These are lessons we should all learn, however they are a crucial part of a dancer’s training.

Photo by Brianne Bland Photography
Photo by Brianne Bland Photography

At a young age, our students begin to learn not only the basics of ballet, but they learn class etiquette. They are introduced to the value of hard work and the rules to follow in order to accomplish it. Students are taught about respect. It must be given in order for it to be received. They learn how to show respect to their peers around them, respect for their teachers and respect for the pianist.

Students also learn that their concept of perfection doesn’t exist. However, our teachers exemplify the value of always striving for perfection and accomplishing as much as you can. Most of all, students are taught that ballet is an art. And as artists, there is a way to communicate to the audience, a way of telling a story. The audience needs to understand from the students exactly what they are trying to share.


As a professional school attached to a company, The School of Ballet Arizona also teaches the art of dancing with live music accompaniment. Students learn to listen. They learn to feel and breathe like the pianist. For a student to experience moving at the rhythm or tempo that a musician dictates is incredible. To have a student experience not only dance, but live music daily, is a wonderful gift.

Photo by Brianne Bland Photography
Photo by Brianne Bland Photography

When a student completes all the school levels, they accomplish something that they will take with them for the rest of their life. No matter where they go, whether they become professional dancers or not, they will take all the life lessons learned in the studio with them and continue to work hard and strive for perfection, because that is how they were trained since they were little.

Don’t miss The School of Ballet Arizona’s Studio Company performance of “Coppélia” April 1 & 2 at the Dorrance Theatre. Click here for more information.


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