Movement Moments

According to a growing body of research, movement increases blood and oxygen flow, which positively affects cognitive development, physical health, and mental well-being. Giving students movement breaks throughout the day will help them re-energize, re-focus, and better absorb their lessons, especially with the increased screen-time most students are experiencing right now. Give your students these ballet-inspired breaks when they need it most!

All of these programs are:

  • 5 minutes or less!
  • Small-space friendly!
  • Equipment free!
  • Visually & verbally guided!
  • No dance experience needed!

Music Movement Breaks

In addition to the videos below, Arizona Opera and Ballet Arizona are proud to present Music Movement Breaks, a FREE digitally interactive tool that encourages students to get up, dance, and have fun while learning important rhythm, listening, and movement skills. You can access the videos on Arizona Opera’s YouTube or Vimeo Channels.