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Is Ballet A Sport?

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We have all heard the argument, whether or not ballet is a sport? Ballet is an art form and sport, which may be shocking to many. In this form of physical activity, similar to other sports, it requires the participants to go through physical exertion, difficult skills, and the long practice of discipline. Ballet has strict rules to follow, many of these rules have to deal with posture and form. With this, it helps prevent injury in these artists/athletes.

While taking a step back, and forgetting our preconceptions about sports and art, we can see that they are extremely similar. The two require practice and discipline, rehearsals to improve their skills, and mastering their technique through years of dedication. A sport is an activity, that helps improves endurance, muscular strength, and power. Some sports, like ballet and gymnastics, also increase flexibility and agility. Sometimes dancers will additionally take extra physical conditioning classes, not only to strengthen their bodies, but to correct their form and technique as well.

How some sports are played on a team or individual, ballet has solo and core group opportunities for preforming as well. Everything is rehearsed, as if they are going over a game plan. Being a team evert, their performance is only as good as everyone else’s performance. Everyone has to be in sync when turning or another movement, if not it can throw everyone off or create an injury.

Depending what you are looking for, you can treat ballet how some artists may, with reverence and discipline. Or you can practice ballet, and other forms of dance, as a physical fitness activity. If you or someone you know, are interested in ballet classes, click the button below!

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