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Thanks to a generous gift from Barbara & Donald Ottosen, Ballet Arizona will reach twice the number of people through our community engagement efforts and bring the joy of dance to many who do not have access to the arts. We welcome Alexandra Papazian, who will be leading these programs, growing them, and touching lives everywhere from Peoria to Gilbert.

Alexandra PapazianI am originally from New York and moved to the Valley in 1997. At that time, my mother enrolled me in The School of Ballet Arizona and I loved it so much that I stayed for 13 years. After high school, I continued my ballet studies at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Butler University. In 2012, I returned home to Phoenix and found fulfillment in helping other experience the joy of movement. From 2012-2017, I explored this new passion, graduated from ASU with a Bachelor’s in Business-Communication, worked as a movement instructor, taught dance to children in the West Valley and performed with local dance companies in my spare time. Now, I am excited to return to Ballet Arizona with my newfound passions, knowledge and experience.

What I love most about dance is how it questions human potential and provides endless opportunities for personal growth. Dance sent me on a never ending journey of self-discovery, and more than that, helped me accept and understand that every day is a new opportunity for growth – a trait I think serves me well in life.

In this age where technology and social media dominate our life experience, people (particularly kids) are becoming increasingly withdrawn and disconnected from themselves and from society. This issue of dissociation is only compounded by economic factors, and according to national studies – here in Arizona – we are currently faced with one of the highest youth disconnection rates in the country. Dance had the power to connect me to myself and to others and I believe it can do the same for people of all backgrounds. It is my hope to be able to bring dance to all communities by fostering partnerships with schools, organizations and governments to create an infrastructure that supports dance as a public good. Thank you for inviting me back to the Ballet Arizona family; it is my pleasure to support and serve.

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