Ballet Arizona Takes on the Cinematic Stage with World Premiere

Ballet Arizona Takes on the Cinematic Stage with World Premiere


PHOENIX – Ballet Arizona celebrates cinematic classics with its brand-new world premiere production of Moving Movies Feb. 15-18, 2024 at Symphony Hall. Performed with live music accompaniment by The Phoenix Symphony, Ballet Arizona will travel back in time to 1950s and 60s Hollywood with a unique dance experience that takes ballet from the stage to the big screen.

Written and choreographed by Resident Choreographer Nayon IovinoMoving Movies will feature a new full-length story ballet about a director of a famous movie studio who gets abducted by an opportunistic villain. In typical old Hollywood fashion, this celebrated director is held hostage and forced to create an Oscar-worthy script for the villains to produce, until he is rescued by the story’s “hero.”

This ballet will feature celebrated music scores such as “James Bond Suite – Orchestra Medley,” composed by John Barry, and “West Side Story Overture,” composed by Leonard Bernstein. Other famous scores include “Morning Promenade” from the Charlie Chaplin film The Kid, “Orchestral Suite” from the film La Dolce Vita composed by Nino Rota, and “Amarcord” from the film Amarcord both composed by Nino Rota and directed by Federico Fellini.

“This show will be a homage to all the classic films that we know and love,” said Iovino. “Through an original story, we will connect all these movies together – and the dance will be fun, exhilarating and original. One of the most exciting parts of the show is that we are integrating an interactive experience between the dance and the massive LED screen. It will be a first in any story ballet ever made.”

Moving Movies will take audiences on a cinematic journey through some of the biggest films of all time, featuring powerful music and stunning visuals that will entertain the senses. Let Ballet Arizona delight and entertain with colorful costumes, live music, and thrilling choreography in an unforgettable experience that guests will not want to miss.


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