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Kristen Boilini

Kristen Boilini

Pivotal Policy Consulting LLC

Kristen Boilini is managing partner at Pivotal Policy Consulting, a full-service government affairs consulting firm.

Kristen has worked in and around politics for over 30 years, as staff to two governors and as an advocate for business, government and non-profit interests. As a second-generation Arizonan, she strives to influence public policy in ways that benefit all Arizonans and works to support programs that enhance the quality of life in our ever growing state. Kristen developed her love of dance from her mother and her love of music from her father, making Ballet Arizona a perfect place for her to contribute.

Kristen holds a M.S. in Economics, a M.A. in Human Development and a Ph.D. in Organizational Development. She lives in central Phoenix with her husband, Marco Ceglie, and two Standard Schnauzers.