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Q & A with Dancer Roman Zavarov

Why do you dance?

I come from a family of professional dancers in Russia. Dancing is in my blood. It’s what I love. There’s such excitement and pleasure in bringing joy to others by what we do on stage. I really like performing onstage in front of the audience. I like hearing the applause at the end. I enjoy when people respond to what I do onstage. Especially when I do something funny.

What do you like about dancing with Ballet Arizona?

I like the fact that everyone gets good roles. Not everyone is doing just one thing. I’ve done some exciting ballets, some exciting roles in my years here. I think the management really cares about dancers here, you know? So it’s nice to have that. I think they genuinely care about the dancers. Which I really appreciate.

Who is your greatest dance inspiration?

Mikhail Baryshnikov. I haven’t had the opportunity to see him perform, but he is an icon on and off stage. His technique is incredible and he is a great inspiration for so many dancers.

Do you prefer modern or classical ballets?

I prefer classical, storybook ballets. They are my strength and the base for my early training. I love the choreography and the storylines that go along with them.

What do you do outside of dancing? Do you have any hobbies?

I like to sketch and draw superheroes. I’m kind of a nerd. And I play with my cats. I have two cats named Bella and Voodoo. I also love to hike and work out at the gym.

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