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Gila River Indian Community

In 2014, Ballet Arizona held its most successful annual Nutcracker Festival for more than 700 parents and children. Its success was due in part to the tremendous sponsorship support, including one of our newest sponsors, the Gila River Indian Community.
Because of its strong belief in self-sustainment, the Gila River Indian Community supports members of its tribe through such programs as health services and educational scholarships for students. It is very supportive of its youth, and was the first federally recognized tribe to establish branches of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America on its community.
Ballet Arizona is extremely grateful for the Gila River Indian Community’s sponsorship and continued support. We would like to thank former Governor Gregory Mendoza for his support of the Nutcracker Festival, and thank current Governor, Stephen Roe Lewis for his support of our Education and Community Engagement programs.
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