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Ballet Arizona 2017-2018 Season Company Dancers
Ballet Arizona 2017-2018 Season Company Dancers

As everyone gathers around the table with family and friends this Thanksgiving, all of us here at Ballet Arizona want to take a moment to say thank you. We are so grateful for the many different ways in which all of you support our organization. Not only do you support a thriving arts and culture community here in Phoenix but you help make the art of ballet vibrant and accessible for all each and every year.

In the spirit of holiday traditions, some of our dancers and staff have shared what they are grateful for:

Samantha Turner, Executive Director:

“I am grateful for the incredible people I get to work with every single day. We have world class artistic staff and dancers, and have built an amazing administrative team.”

Helio Lima, Dancer:

“I am grateful that I finally have a car after living here for 3 years, and that I’ve met the right person. I feel accomplished with who I am today!”

Jessica Phillips, Dancer:

“I am grateful for my personal growth and happiness this year!”

Joseph Cavanaugh, Ballet Master & Community Outreach Manager:

“I am grateful that the young man I am mentoring through Mulligan’s Manor in improving his grades.”

Hannah Cooper, Marketing Manager:

“I am grateful for my health and for completing the Phoenix Summit challenge!”

Jillian Barrell, Dancer:

“I am grateful to be paid to do what I love for another year and for my new hubby!”

Natalie Salvione, Development Operations Manager:

“I am grateful for my wonderfully weird and loving family. Love you guys so much!”

Colleen Buckley, Dancer:

“I am grateful for all of the awesome people I get to work with at Ballet Arizona!”

Jami Kozemczak, Director of Development:

“I am grateful for my husband, who is the most wonderful man in the world! I am also full of gratitude working for the ballet.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


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