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What Does Art Do For the Community?

Art plays a key role in every society, and yet, many people currently discount its inherent value. This is an alarming trend, as artistic exposure is critical for the health and vitality of modern communities. A few of its most notable benefits are highlighted below:

Attracts New Community Members 

Future residents take many factors into account when deciding where to put down roots. Employment may be a top consideration, but many aspiring residents also look closely at artistic opportunities. As they examine community qualities, they may be encouraged by the presence of a thriving arts scene, which indicates that locals take pride in their respective neighborhoods.

Engages Enthusiasts of All Ages

Art provides clear value across all age groups. This begins at birth and continues throughout the lifespan. Early artistic exposure helps children build valuable neural connections while encouraging them to make the most of their natural creativity.  The value of art continues long after children have grown up. In young adulthood, it inspires greater self-confidence, while also promoting valuable social connections among enthusiasts with similar interests. As art lovers move into full-blown adulthood, their favorite pursuits provide a wonderful outlet from the stresses of everyday life. Among seniors, art offers powerful opportunities for reflection and can prove effective for treating the many physical and mental symptoms of age-related conditions.

Promotes Health and Wellness

Art is vital to long-term health and wellness, both on an individual and community-wide level. Dance, in particular, is of great value, as it gets participants moving. A huge body of research reveals that those who regularly dance enjoy better cardiovascular health, as well as stronger muscles and a reduced likelihood of developing osteoporosis. The mental health benefits brought about by exposure to the arts should also be noted, as such pursuits provide a critical outlet in times of emotional distress.

Inspires and Teaches Valuable Lessons

Artistic inspiration can strike people from all walks of life. Some of the world’s most notable politicians and scientists claim that their greatest inspiration lies in the visual and performing arts. Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, for example, is famous for her talent on the piano. Famed physicist Stephen Hawking loved to dance and was especially fascinated by salsa. Everybody can learn from and be inspired by art.

At Ballet Arizona, we are proud to bring the greatest benefits of the arts to Phoenix and surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming performances and the opportunities available through our dance school.


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