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What to Expect at Summer Intensive Auditions

From The School of Ballet Arizona

Q: What is the summer intensive auditions for?

The auditions are for Ballet Arizona’s Summer Intensive Program. Summer Intensives offer dance students an opportunity to spend a period of time fully concentrating on their dance study. Older dancers spend their days immersed in dance while younger dancers get more practice learning the fundamentals of technique and artistry.

Q: How can people sign up for auditions?

Pre-registration is available online here:

OR register in-person!

There is a $40 audition fee, payable in cash or check (card will not be accepted) if registering in person.

Bring a headshot photo and a full body photo in the first arabesque (required).

Q: Is there an age requirement or restriction for the auditions?

Students should be at least 11 years old and have begun pointe work to audition for the Summer Intensive.

Q: How should people prepare for the auditions?

Students should make a checklist of items they need to bring with them to the audition (dance bags, shoes, warmups, water bottle, etc.) and include any required audition materials like specified photos (headshot, arabesque, etc.) and their audition fee. They should prepare these materials ahead of time, even the night before, to avoid forgetting or misplacing anything.

Students should wear standard ballet attire. For ladies: solid color leotard with pink tights, flat shoes and pointe shoes, hair neatly in a bun. For gentlemen: Solid color dance tights, fitted white T shirt, flat shoes, hair neatly done.

On audition day, students should arrive early to ensure they have plenty of time to find the location, park, check-in, stretch, and mentally prepare for the audition itself.

It’s always a good idea to pack or bring extras of key tools like tights, leotards, bobby pins, hairspray, etc.

Q: What can people expect at these auditions?

Registration begins 30 minutes before class starts. Students will take a ballet class with one of Ballet Arizona’s School Faculty who will observe and assess student technique and artistry. Results will be sent via email within two weeks of the audition.

Sign Up to Audition Here!

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