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What’s in Your Dance Bag?

Hear From Ballet Arizona Dancer’s

Each dancer has their own unique items in their dance bags. Leotards, tights, dance belts, ballet slippers, food, foam rollers, and so much more. They bring what will last them for a full day of classes or rehearsals. Continue reading, to learn more, about what a few Ballet Arizona dancers have in their bags.

                                                   Ethan Price

Ethan Price
Photographer: Ron Brewer Images

“My bag is pretty boring. I carry around a lot of stuff that I rarely ever use and tends to be not very helpful. So starting with the things that are relevant, I always have my contacts because otherwise I can’t function. I bring clothes for the day, tights and some shirts so I can change throughout the day. I also always bring food because otherwise I will perish. Usually that consists of a sandwich and trail mix. As for the rest of my backpack, it’s a lot of therabands and massage tools that I tend to ignore. Also, some ibuprofen for when the going gets tough.”

Sarah Diniz

Sarah Diniz
Photographer: Ron Brewer Images

To the ballet, I carry a tote bag (personalized with a super cute photo of my dog) and I would say it is comparable to Mary Poppins “never full” bag! First, I of course have my pointe shoes! The amount differs depending on what we are rehearsing at the time, but typically it is about 4-7 pairs that I rotate during the week. I also always carry what I call my “emergency toolkit”. It is a zip-up pouch that holds toe tape, extra toe pads, a stitch kit, Advil, scissors, and a few other miscellaneous things that may come in handy from time to time. In addition to that, I also have a few different stretching and strengthening tools like therabands, a foam roller, and a foot roller. If I have a longer break during daily rehearsals, you may also often find me carrying around a book from our dancers book club, or some schoolwork that needs to be done (sometimes both!). And, to top it all off, I have a ballet skirt that matches my leotard choice for the day, my trusty pink water bottle to keep me hydrated, and a few of my favorite energizing snacks.”

Alli Chester

Alli Chester Photographer: Ron Brewer Images

“Here is what is normally in my dance bag:”

  • ballet flats
  • many pairs of pointe shoes
  • warmups
  • sewing supplies bag
  • tennis ball for rolling out
  • foam roller
  • therabands for strengthening exercises
  • little cosmetic bag with bandaids, bio freeze, deodorant, nail clippers, oragel for blisters, tums
  • snacks
  • mints

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