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Community Engagement: Performance Hour

4 May 2022


A Student’s Peek Behind the Curtain at Ballet Arizona’s studios.

A Student’s Peek Behind the Curtain at Ballet Arizona’s studios.Adults and children alike feel the magic that exists watching a ballet performance. Filled with glittering costumes and incredible physical feats, dance has the power to capture hearts and change lives with just a single performance. But even still, parents and educators continue to ask, “how are these experiences relevant for children who do not choose artistic pursuits?” Ballet Arizona’s Performance Hour program is the answer.

Performance Hour gives students and teachers a glimpse into the world of dance through an immersive experience, allowing attendees to examine all of the working parts of a professional ballet company at Ballet Arizona’s studios in Downtown Phoenix. Complete with a ballet class, rehearsal viewing, and Q&A with company dancers, the program also introduces students to the administrative departments, the costume shop, and the production shop.

Through this experience, children are able to visualize themselves as dancers, craftsmen, leaders, advocates, and supporters of arts and culture. Most importantly, it challenges them to explore a new art form and see the arts as a whole from a broader lens.

Programs such as Performance Hour open the door to not only create artists but cultivate the next generation of arts advocates, benefactors, and leaders. Your advocacy and support truly make a difference and we are so grateful to be able to give back to people and communities all over Arizona.

To learn more about Performance Hour and our many other programs, visit!

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