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Company Connection with Dancers Rochelle Anvik & Ethan Price


Hometown: Phoenix, AZRochelle Anvik

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Joined Ballet Arizona: 2012

What has been your favorite role to dance?

My favorite role I have performed is “Polyhmnia” in Balanchine’s Apollo. The music has such passion to it that you can’t help but pour all of your emotions out onto the stage. It also requires an incredible amount of mime that you have to express every sense of feeling you have inside you.

Who is your greatest dance inspiration?

Absolutely Mikhail Baryshnikov. Besides being a phenomenal dancer, he dances with such soul that it just draws you in. I met him when I was 10 and he was an absolute sweetheart.

What’s in your dance bag?

Pointe shoes, of course. Also, flat shoes for barre, pink toe pads, second skin gel pads for my sore toes, peppermint oil that I put a drop on my tongue to calm my nerves, unmatched fuzzy socks, a sewing kit, Mickey Mouse duct tape, and lots of vegan snacks.

What do you do outside of dancing?

I have an Etsy shop that I manage in my free time. I sell antiques and unique treasures. I have such a love for the good ol’ days, so managing my own shop of antiques is such a dream.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZEthan Price

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Joined Ballet Arizona: 2016

What is your favorite ballet?

My favorite ballet is Balanchine’s Walpurgisnacht. I love everything about it. The score is great and the choreography really captures the feeling throughout the piece. Specifically, the first female variation that comes after the opening pas de deux – I can’t get enough of it.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is the amazing group of people that I get to work with every day. There are so many incredible and talented people from all over the world that push me every day. I’m so fortunate to get to work and grow as an artist and performer alongside some truly awesome people.

Do you prefer modern or classical ballet?

I definitely prefer classical ballet. I tend to feel a stronger emotional resonance with classical ballet, but that may be because I find it more comfortable. Being my height, I have a hard enough time controlling myself standing up, let alone on the ground and upside-down. Modern dance just hasn’t ever clicked for me.

What do you do outside of dancing?

Outside of ballet, I try to distance myself from it if I can. I find I tend to bring my work home with me which isn’t always beneficial. So I like to get deep into reading or watching a series with a good story. I’ve also taken up drawing recently. I’m not very good at it yet, but it’s nice to have something with very tangible to work on.

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