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Company Connection with Abby Phillips & Adrian Durham

27 June 2019

Company Connection with Abby Phillips

performance for Artist Relief Fund
Abby Phillips and Jackson Dwyer for Artist Relief Fund. Session Art Directors: Amber Lewis and Alison Remmers. Photo by Ron Brewer Images.

Abby Phillips

Hometown: Michigan
Joined Ballet Arizona: 2018

Who is your greatest dance inspiration & why?

There is not one specific person that inspires me. I admire many dancers and try to incorporate as many aspects of their dancing into my own. But honestly, my coworkers inspire and push me to become a better version of myself every single day!

What has been your favorite role to dance?

One of my all time favorite roles was in Stephen Mills Red Roses. It’s a beautiful ballet with 4 couples demonstrating all of the different aspects of a relationship. I played a female in a volatile relationship that ultimately gets to drag my 180lb partner off the stage!

What is in your dance bag?

I carry around a dance bag with way too many things…but at least I’m always prepared! Of the many things, it includes my ballet shoes, pointe shoes, toe pads, Thera-bands, a foam roller, foot roller, lacrosse ball (for tight muscles), an emergency kit with band-aids, toe tape, arnica gel, and ibuprofen, a sewing bag for any sewing needs, mints, eye drops… I seriously carry way too much stuff!

What do you do outside of dance? Do you have any hobbies?

I actually have a lot of hobbies outside of ballet. I love to hike, bike, and exercise! But I’m also a very crafty person. I have a very small personal Instagram business making wire crafts like bridal wire hangers and just recently bought a sewing machine and have made a few of my own dance clothes!

Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham. © Ron Brewer Images.

Adrian Durham

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Joined Ballet Arizona: 2018

Who is your greatest dance inspiration & why?

One of my biggest inspirations in the dance world is Steven McRae, principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. He is known for his textbook ballet technique and solid work ethic. But I’ve also learned to draw inspiration from the dancers around me… I’m impressed and inspired by my co-workers on a daily basis.

Do you prefer modern or classical ballet & why?

I prefer classical ballet to modern, because my training has always been centered around classical ballet. Also, the technical side of classical ballet has always made more sense to my body.

Do you have a pre-performance ritual?

I don’t have any specific ritual before a performance, but I try to be well fed and caffeinated if necessary. Depending on the role, I may practice on stage or do some light exercises before the curtain goes up.

What do you do outside of dance? Do you have any hobbies?

Outside of ballet, I enjoy working out and hiking. I like challenging myself in the gym and I thinks it’s helped me grow stronger physically and mentally. I also like to cook when I have the time, and try new restaurants when I don’t… it’s all about balance.

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