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20 September 2022

The Impact of New Works.

Since the launch of our New Works Initiative, Ballet Arizona has brought over 25 new ballets to the stage. From Artistic Director, Ib Andersen’s pioneering ballet Juan Gabriel and works by world-renowned choreographers like Justin Peck and Christopher Wheeldon, to contemporary pieces by our very own Na yon Iovino, this initiative is not just an investment in the future of ballet, it is an investment in our community.

Ballet is an art form that has spanned centuries and like most art forms, continues to evolve, due to new voices, creative minds, and most importantly, out of necessity. When one hears the word ballet, classics like Swan Lake. The Sleeping Beauty and Giselle are often the first to come to mind. While we believe in honoring their evergreen beauty and historical significance, it is imperative that ballet, just like every other art form reflects the current times.

Na yon Iovino and Ballet Arizona dancers in rehearsal for Tie r r e de Angeles. Photo by Ballet Arizona.

“New works are an effective way to represent a society in a point in time. When we look back on how ballet has evolved, both in the way it was danced and in the costumes worn, we can get a taste of what life was like and how people thought and felt. It’s like a fingerprint in time,” says Resident Choreographer, Na yon Iovino. “It is now our duty to continue this tradition of storytelling through dance movements, even in an abstract form. This way, in the future, people may know about us in a deeper sense beyond historical facts. New works also create a foundation for the next generation to continue building upon.”
It is through commissioning new works that Ballet Arizona upholds two critical aspects of our mission, to create and perform innovative ballets and to serve the people of Arizona. Last season’s world premiere of Juan Gabriel was the perfect embodiment of our mission come to life on stage. What culminated in night after night of standing ovations and record-breaking ticket sales was the dedication to understanding what our community wanted and needed from Ballet Arizona. New works, yes, but works that reflect who we are as people and works that push the boundaries for how we see ballet in today’s world.

The most crucial part of all this, however, is you. We have said this before; visionary support leads to visionary art. In the case of nonprofits and performing arts companies, like Ballet Arizona, it is you, your passion, and your investment that allows art to flourish. You are helping shape the future of ballet, by what we see on stage and by who is in the audience. Thank you for being our reason all of this is possible.

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