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Adaptive Dance for Down Syndrome is just one of the programs that Ballet Arizona offers to help make ballet more accessible to all members of the community. Based on Boston Ballet’s Adaptive Dance programming, Ballet Arizona’s Adaptive Dance for Down Syndrome classes introduce ballet to children by creating a classroom environment that is structured to support the specific needs of individuals with Down Syndrome.

Physical movement activities can be impactful for children of all abilities. By participating in this program, children will learn classical ballet technique and classroom etiquette. However, not only does this program teach essential ballet movements and terminology, but it helps children improve their self-expression, socialization, and strength in a safe, welcoming environment!

Taught by Michelle Reissig


Ballet lets children tap into their imaginative sides and express their emotions through dancing. The accommodating classroom environment of Adaptive Dance also helps these students learn how to effectively express their thoughts and feelings to those around them. They are given the opportunity to learn about communicating and storytelling through movement, opening up many different avenues to explore.


Dance is a social art form by nature, from communication with the instructor to collaborations between other peers. Dancing is a great way for children to make connections and build a community of friends with similar interests. Through this community, they are able to interact with children and individuals to build a circle of support and understanding. The skills they hone in the classroom carry over outside of the dance studio and into their everyday lives.


Children with Down Syndrome are not always able to participate in traditional movement-based activities, so they may experience decreased strength. Adaptive Dance is a highly impactful way for children to get more exercise and build strength in a fun, creative way. In the Adaptive Dance classes, they are introduced to movement in a way that allows them to grow strength, learn about mobility, and how to tackle physical challenges in ways that opens them up to a path of success.

Adaptive Dance is now enrolling for the Spring 2023 session! This session begins on January 21st, with classes held every Saturday through April 1st. To register a new student for the Spring 2023 session, follow the instructions in the link below. Returning students must use the parent portal to register for the school year.

Register Here!

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